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Rescue Hook n Ladder History

Rescue Hook & Ladder Fire Company No. 1 History:

The Rescue Hook & Ladder Fire Company No. 1, Minersville, Pa. was organized on October 1 1, 1871 with the following officers:

  • John Matthews, President

  • John Robins, Vice-President

  • John W. Fisher, Recording and Financial Secretary

  • John Ludes, Asst. Secretary

  • John Deitrich, Treasurer

  • John W. Fisher, Foreman

  • John Williams and Joseph Bowden, Asst. Foreman

  • John Matthews, John W. Fisher and John Deitrich, Trustees.

In February, 1875 a new hand truck was purchased and installed in their new home and present quarters on the corner of North and N. 3rd Streets.

On February 24, 1915, a new motorized Hook & Ladder was housed. This truck was purchased from the American LaFrance Motor Co., Elmira, N.Y.

In May, 1941 a new modern fire apparatus was purchased, also from the American LaFrance Co.

October, 1963 another new truck was purchased, this time the most modern piece of equipment obtainable, A Pitman Snorkel, hydraulically operated boom, mounted on a Ford C-1000 Chassis, capable of lifting 5 men a height of 65 ft.

The Jr. Fire Fighters Program was started on October 20,1981. Ages 14-18. Insurance Co. OK'd the project and will cover these members. We can accept 6 members each year. Fire Chief will supply their schooling. Ages for Jr. Firefighters has since been changed to 16-18 years. Regular members 18 years and up.

New Building! At our March 18,1986 meeting - Fire Chief will see about an addition to our building. Drawings (Blue Prints) etc. and an estimate for a new type pole building. On April 15,1986 - We had plans for a new two Bay 28' wide building and a four Bay 60' wide x 45' deep building. All members present voted for the 60' x 45' building. Special meeting held on April 22, 1986 with the representative from Kistler Building Co. Details ironed out and proposed start of the building was June 16,1986. The Building Co. completed the building in July, 1986. Inside details were done by the members of the company.

We acquired a 1970 4-wheel drive army vehicle in October of 1985. This vehicle was refurbished by the members of the company & put into service in May of 1987 as a brush truck.

In the fall of 1990 we began to discuss a new aerial apparatus, in May of 1991 members went to look at an aerial platform truck with an 85' ladder, equipped with a 1500 GPM Pump, this unit was also equipped with an onan 6000 KW Diesel Generator. All members were impressed with this unit, a special meeting was called in June of 1991, All questions were worked out and the truck was purchased. Expected delivery is late October of 1991.

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