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Company History

 From out of the original intention of forming a gun club, came what is now the New Minersville Fire Company. After seriously considering the Gun Club Idea, the men decided in favor of a fire company. Since in this way, they could still enjoy the same privileges of a club, and still serve the community.

The company was organized in the basement of the home of John Grabusky on March 14,1926.

 In 1929, with the purchase of the first fire engine, accommodation’s were lacking to house the vehicle. It was decided that rooms could be rented at 519 Lytle Street. This building belonged to Felix Manarsky, who also mortgaged his home to obtain funds to build an engine room. The company continued to occupy this building until 1947, when it was decided to purchase the property of John Asenavage at 500 Lytle Street.

The first officers of the company were:

Felix Manzersky, President

George Bruzgas, Vice-President

John Bernosky, Treasurer

Anthony Reppe, Secretary

John Cassick, Sergeant at Arms.

The first truck that the company purchased was a six cylinder Hahn Triple Combination Pumper with booster tanks attached.

 Immediately after the home was purchased, a club liquor license was obtained. The home mortgage was cleared in 1954 and immediately plans were made to purchase a new Ward LaFrance fire engine. Renovation’s were made to the club bar and adjoining rooms.

 According to the records, if not for the alertness of one of the fire trustees, the company would have had its truck confiscated by the Bank of Philadelphia. It is assumed because of this incident, the Fire Relief Loans were started in Minersville. At the meeting of the fire relief, instead of purchasing bonds with their surplus cash, it was suggested that stock would be bought in the Fire Company to prevent the loss of their engine. As a result the engine was retained, the loan was repaid and the original truck was used until 1954.

 Most of the credit for the success of the company belongs to the pioneers of the company. It was begun just prior to the crash of 1929, when money was hard to raise and it took the dedication of each individual member doing their part to keep things going.

 In 1975 we ordered our Mini Pumper to compliment our 1956 Ward LaFrance. in 1982, we decided to build a new building at 500 Line Street adjacent to the softball field & the playground. This was completed in 1983.

In 1994 the purchase of a Frieghtliner FL80, 1250 GPM Engine was purchased from Kovatch at a price of 125,000 dollars.

In 2005, New Minersville purchased a new GMC Mini - Attack, 500 GPM engine from Kovatch for a price of 173,000 dollars.

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