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Company History

Station 1 - Goodwill

The Good Will Fire Company was chartered the 2nd day of September, 1867 as the Good Will Fire Company No. 1. Company officers listed on the charter include:

  • F.C. Bender

  • Englehard Hummel

  • Andrew Dolbin

  • Jacob Kline

  • John Mohan

  • Terence J. Quinn

  • John Quinn

  • John Wadlinger

  • George Bedford

  • Jacob Bauer

  • Michael Pauly

  • Wm. D. H. Mason

  • Matthew Beddow

The first piece of fire fighting equipment obtained by the Good Will was a hand-drawn hose carriage presented to the company by Minersville Boro Council in June of 1867.

A $1000 Muskegan Fire Engine was purchased on January 11, 1897. This was also hand drawn. Bitter company elections decided control of the engine and running of the company affairs. Alex Finkler was chief engineer of the new Muskegan, a chemical engine. A huge parade and housing program was held to celebrate this modern 1897 purchase.

The first motorized fire truck was purchased in 1914, a Maccar, maroon and gold striped, Miller Heckman was the first company chauffeur and learned the hand-cranking technique & other mechanical operations from the late George Ulmer, Sr. Mr. Heckman, the oldest living member, resides at 258 Sunbury Street. The first fire truck cost $3650. Loans were made by members to the company to pay for the truck, the largest amount, $500, by the late George Roller.

The Maccar was replaced by a new American LaFrance in 1936. This truck was capable of pumping 500 gallons of water per minute. It is still in operation, having been purchased by Mt. Pleasant Fire Co. in 1955. On July 5, 1955, the Good Will purchased its present vehicle, an American LaFrance (cab over engine) 1,000 gallons per minute truck at a cost of $21,882. Later a modern deluge nozzle was added at a cost of $625.

Community Ambulance Service for Minersville and vicinity was inaugurated in 1939. The first ambulance, a LaSalle, was purchased for $3500. Since 1939 prices for these vehicles have skyrocheted. The second Ambulance, an S. & S. Cadillac cost $7400, purchased in 1948. The S. & S. was replaced by a Cadillac Meteorata costof $11,036 in 1956. The present ambulance, purchased in 1963, a Cadillac Meteor cost $16,000. While prices of these ambulances continue to rise, their lasting qualities grow shorter as all indications point to the necessity of another new ambulance in 1968. Note the life span of nine years for the first ambulance as compared to the five year life span of the present vehicle.


March 7,1907, Minersville Brewery Fire.

January 5,1911, 4children lost their lives in a fire between 4th and 5th on Sunbury Street.

May 25,1929, Fire at the corner of Lewis and Delaware Avenue, Bobs Factory destroyed.

January 21, 1940, Histroic Sunbury Street Fire destroyed 5 buildings, Patton Cafe, Morris Peckman's General Store, Gilbert's Grille, Direnzo and Suppowitz.

March 7,1942, $30,000 Landers Cafe Fire.

September 24,1943,14 men killed in an explosion at Lytle Colliery.

February 1, 1953, Responded to silent alarm in Llewellyn, 3 families homeless and a $50,000 damage.

January 29, 1953, 5 homes burned out on Sunbury Street. 

The entire membership of the Good Will in 1967 totals 322 members rising of 14 nationalities.

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